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2015-08-19 01:11:37

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Shutter blinds – A traditional look with modern functionality

Shutters with light and airflow

Traditional shutters are an excellent way to keep unwanted heat out of a room. However, they are built with an all-or-nothing approach, either open or shut. Shutter blinds offer you a more flexible alternative. With a simple twist, the panels can be opened admitting as much light or air as you might want, while still being angled to exclude excess heat.

A beautiful style

Shutter blinds create a style of their own. Exuding a sense of rustic chic and simple, down to earth sensibilities, they’re perfect for making a statement about your room, your home and yourself. Available in various colours and types of wood, their addition will add both practical functionality and gorgeous window dressing all in one. With shutter blinds, traditional can also be exciting.

The best of both worlds

Worried about overdoing things? Shutter blinds mean that you don’t have to choose between outside shutters and internal blinds. Acting as the best of both worlds, they will let you choose just how much of the outside you want on any particular day. Open yourself up to the world, or hide away in your own cosy haven. With shutter blinds you can always choose.

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