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2015-08-18 23:52:37

  • Blinds made to fit in-house

Day & night blinds – Create your own space


2017-06-02 04:50:35

30% off Wooden Venetian Blinds & 20% off Day & Night Blinds

Adjust light with one motion

Using an innovative, alternating transparent and coloured strips, day & night blinds allow you to adjust the amount of light coming into a room simply by extending or retracting the blind itself. The dual-layered material slides over itself, alternately covering and uncovering the transparent sections as it moves up or down. This allows you to keep light levels perfect without any effort whatsoever.

A truly different look

Day & night blinds offer your property something totally different. With their unmistakeable zebra-stripe colouring, they add a bold and assertive take on what window dressing should look like. Raising up into a small space, or folding down to present a radical, powerful look, day & night blinds can offer your home the ideal image for the 21st century.

Ideal for home and business

Day & night blinds, by their very nature look slick, modern and contemporary. This makes them perfect not only for a newly renovated home but also for a business wishing to present a professional corporate image. Make a statement about yourself and your property without needing to say a thing.

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